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Bojuka™ Skill Levels

The entire system consists of four main skill levels. To complete all 4 levels usually takes about three years. However, there are several courses available that are designed to meet specific needs, which are taught in a shorter time period. This type of instruction is personalized to fit each client or group's needs and lifestyle. All training is clearly explained and demonstrated in a concise, non intimidating fashion.

Without cloaking technique in mysticism, without diluting the realities of combat in a sporting format, and without sacrificing safety for realism, Bojuka delivers an uncompromising course of the intelligent and responsible use of force.

Defensive Hand to Hand Combat

Skill Level 1 is the foundation of the entire Bojuka Self Defense System. The key elements learned at this level are committed to muscle memory and carried forward into offensive training and armed self defense tactics at the upper skill levels. The student will learn body positioning, environmental awareness, basic strikes, joint locks, takedowns and finish-offs. Threat assessment is stressed through randomized panic attack responses. At the completion of Skill Level One the student will be able to reflexively defend against any unarmed assault including punchs, grabs, chokes, head locks, tackles, and bear hugs.

Offensive Hand to Hand Combat and Weapons Disarming

At this point in training the student is already competent at dealing with unarmed assaults from a defensive mode. Skill Level 2 focuses on a more proactive approach to self-defense in an offensive mode. The student will learn to recognize a threat earlier and either de-escalate the threat verbally or, if necessary, strike pre-emptively when the threat is imminent. Skill Level 2 also teaches the student to defend unarmed against an armed assailant. Tactics include knife, stick and gun disarms in both a defensive and offensive mode. Multiple attacker scenarios are also introduced.

Armed Self Defense

Skill Level 3 teaches the student armed self defense tactics in both a defensive and an offensive mode. Students will learn how to protect themselves using both edged weapons and impact weapons. Training focuses primarily on the use of a tactical folding knife and a stick or ASP baton. Knife carry and deployment under duress is essential. By integrating the knowledge learned at the previous skill levels the student will learn to defend themselves unarmed to create an opportunity to access their knife or other weapon of opportunity. The knife can use used both closed and open. It is an impact weapon and edged weapon. This skill level is designed for higher threat level situations and covers a full spectrum from less than lethal options to the use of deadly force. At the completion of this level of training the practitioner possesses the ability to survive under almost any conditions.

Professional Skills and Instructor Certification

At Skill Level 4 four the student already possesses a high level of competency and skill in the Bojuka Self Defense System. Reflex and reaction moves have been committed to muscle memory allowing the practitioner to stop an assailant instantly and respond with a measured reasonable use of force. This level focuses on developing professional skills such as escorting techniques and offensive tactics necessary in high-risk occupations. The student will learn how to pass on the skills he or she has learned to others in a clear and easy to learn manner. By teaching others the student will gain an even deeper understanding and appreciation for the skills taught in the system. This provides an opportunity to find areas for self-improvement. At the completion of Skill Level Four the student will become a Certified Instructor in the Bojuka Self Defense System.

Certified Instruction

All the Specialist Level Four and Five certified Bojuka instructors have top credentials and real world experience to give the client an eye-opening experience of realistic self defense in an intense and rewarding learning experience. For a list of certified instructors please visit the CONTACT page.

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