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Bojuka™ Self Defense Courses

The following courses are available on a one to one, or group basis, through instructional classes or seminars. All course can be modified or tailored to your group's unique training requirements.

Men's Personal Protection Course

Situational self defense using offensive based defensive tactics against the four most common street assualts.

Course Code: BSD-PDS-001-01

Women's Personal Protection Course

This is one of the most comprehensive self defense courses available to women today. Learn stun and run tactics, ground escapes, and how to difuse potentially dangerous situations that could lead to a violent sexual assault.

Course Code: BSD-PDS-002-01

Defense Against a Weapon

Course one and two focus on the fundamental techniques and priciples of an unarmed attack. This course specifically focuses on threats from knives, clubs, baseball bats or handguns. The course also includes how to use weapons of opportunity (environmental weapons) to defend oneself.

Course Code: BSD-PDS-003-01

Pepper Spray & Other Non-Lethal Weapons

This is a course for those that are serious about learning and measuring their skills in knife offense and defense. This course distiguishes the difference between reality and perception. Training drills safely and intelligently replicate the offensive and defensive actions of knife combat.

Course Code: BSD-PDS-005-01

Tactical Use of an Impact Weapon for Personal Protection

This course is the most practical street stick fighting course available. The course covers the use of conventional weapons (such as Baton) and improvised weapons.

Course Code: BSD-PDS-006-01

Police Officer - Extreme Close Quarter Tactics

When there is no time, no room, or it is not safe to use your firearm, this course provides tactical choices to aggressively engage a combatant. Topics covered are physical ambush, firearm grab attacks, and ground fighting techniques for immediate control.

Course Code: BSD-LEO-001-01

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